Our Mission

The mission of DVNCN is to support and enhance the role of the nurses involved in planning, implementation, and integration of information technology to improve health care.

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Call for Executive  

Board Nominations


It is time to nominate

candidates for


Executive, Financial and Membership Officer Positions


For the term 2015-2017

Nominate a candidate or yourself


The nomination form contains

a description of duties

for each position


Deadline for nominations:

May 4th, 2015

 To Our DVNCN Members 

The Executive Board has revised our Bylaws 

The Revisions are effective immediately

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DVNCN Fall 2014 Conference

Building Competencies for

Charting the Future of Nursing Informatics

Presentation Powerpoints  

Conference Highlights

#iAMaNURSE in a Social Media World

Register to attend this complimentary event on April 29, 2015. 


As the use of social media is increasing, many health care organizations are embracing social networks as a tool,

not only for promotion, but to provide patient education

in an accessible format. Within this growing trend

for social media in the health care arena,

Capella University and the ANA Leadership Institute

have brought together a panel of social media experts

and advocates to discuss the benefits of social media use in

health care and tip’s for today’s nurses

in this highly social-sharing world.


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